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Giuseppe RANZINI

Présentation de l'artiste

Giuseppe Ranzini, was born in Milano/Italy. In 1952, when he was 7 years old, he arrived in Rio de Janeiro and was initiated in the Arts from childhood by his uncle, the renowned landscape Italian painter Attilio Fesce.

During his youth, living in São Bernardo do Campo-SP/Brazil, he attended during 3 years the São Bernardense Association of Fine Arts, studying painting with Professor Carlos Ayres and participating in various exhibitions as an amateur artist and figurative academic, having been awarded in several exhibitions both in Brazil and abroad.

Graduated in Juridical, Social, Marketing, Business and Finance Sciences and Member of the “New York Academy of Sciences”, alongside his artistic activity during the decades of 80 and 90, he was transferred to Paris/France and then to Lima /Peru to occupy management position in prominent multinational pharmaceutical industry companies, which led him to considerably reduce his artistic production for 10 years.

Back to Brazil and relieved from his responsabilities and polices, he became volunteer for four years in a socio-educational work of artistic and cultural education in CS Brooklin Paulista.

He has then been teaching painting and sculpture to 5 years old children and fourteen years old teenagers, all set in a social high risk environment.

Giuseppe Ranzini, so, devoted himself to artistic production in an absolute manner, by creating and developing a painting style based on this personal technique, that he baptize “Disciform Art”, in which the circle is honored as “leitmotiv” of self creativity, opening space to the concept of eternal circularity, which began in the annular images, and quickly reached the Disciform Art, that is figures in the form of concentric disks of different sizes.

Adopting as the main material acrylic on canvas, Giuseppe Ranzini with his “Disciform Art” fulfills his roles as photographer, never realizing what expected, but always proposing originality and innovative creativity to the observer.

Presenting solutions that dazzle the way, he gives the visual in every piece, always demanding for contemplation, at least in two dimensions.

Closely attentive to the quality details of the painting, by far, the strength of the whole.

The Disciform Art of Giuseppe Ranzini is characterized precisely by the ability to generate in the beholder’s eye, this quest for eternal circularity, in which more is lost as it seeks more and more when it is facing more challenges.

Besides participating in Jury Selections an Award, Giuseppe Ranzini was rewarded with many awards, honors and distinctions, including the award for the “IXth Biennale d’Arte Internazionale di Roma-Italia” in 2012, among 450 participants from more than several countries.

According to the critical of art Christian Dalmasso, Giuseppe Ranzini has a unique and very personal style and way to express his talent, and this is the Disciform pattern.

“Learn about all the greatest painters in the world, everyone had his style, some of them create a new style, Giuseppe Ranzini created the Disciform Art”

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