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Telly VAN DER SMISSEN dite Lutée

Présentation de l'artiste

Born 27 May 1971 in Tehran Telly van der Smissen passionate about art and descendant of the great family of artists Ali Karimi miniaturist is German / Persian. Living for over more than 17 years in Germany, she studied and worked in the French language as a translator receiving the DELF and DALF certificate in Tehran. In the past few years she decided to continue with her childhood passion plastic art and eventually became a professional. She chose to mix up the classical principle of art and to create its own voice and combine several techniques to create a way of communication with the observer. Her paintings have multiple dimensions and perspectives that give them vitality and the desire to be touched because the sculptures are installed on the canvas. Humanity, femininity and recently also politics are the main subjects of her works. What you see in her works are spontaneous feelings or thoughts well thought taking their forms and telling their individual stories.

Her oeuvre includes a collection of paintings behind glass painted without brushes to create luminous works only with hand movements.

Coordonnées de l'artiste

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Cotation de l'artiste

800 € 60x80cm à 2 800 € 60x80cm

Institut Europeen des Arts Contemporains

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